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Indoor Window & Door Plantation Shutters Perth

If you are building a new home, renovating your existing home, or just looking to freshen up a few of your rooms, indoor window shutters may be the practical and stylish solution to your needs.

What are Indoor Window Shutters / Plantation Shutters?

Indoor window shutters, or plantation shutters are tilted louvers which can be fixed, sliding, hinged or bi-fold. They are built on flexible frames which make them suitable for both small and large windows. High quality shutters are made from basswood, aluminium or PVC, finished off with two coats of polyurethane paint or powder coated in the colour of your choice.

Shutters have been around longer than windows and originated in ancient Greece. Australia has used shutters from the time of first European settlement with fixed blades to limit sunlight infiltration and provide security on external door and window openings.

Why choose Indoor Window Shutters?

Premium quality indoor window shutters are durable and long lasting. No longer will you have to worry about your curtains fading or your blinds rotting or falling apart. Plantation shutters can last 10-25 years, only requiring an occasional quick wipe down to get rid of dust.

No longer are indoor shutters prohibitively expensive, with modern faux wood shutters that look identical to real timber and are of a higher quality than other traditional alternatives.

How to Use Indoor Window Shutters to Full Effect?

Indoor window shutters add style and sophistication to your home, with their clean lines and “Hamptons” style luxury influence. If you want to achieve modern interior design, with an effortless look, plantation shutters are the perfect solution.

Window shutters offer a practical way to direct natural light into your room during the day (or keep out the hot afternoon sun), and exclude unwanted artificial light at night. Shutters can be left open in the evening to allow cool breezes in summer, without sacrificing privacy.

These fabulous window treatments can also keep your energy expenses low and improve sustainability by preventing your heated or cooled air from escaping through the window glass.

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