ways to cool your house and business in style

In Western Australia we have a temperate climate all year round so homeowner’s look for ways to keep their house cool no matter what season it is. Installing outdoor blinds, shade sails, plantation shutters or folding arm awnings are great ways to keep the inside of your house or business cool, even if the temperature outside is soaring hot.

A few ways you can keep your home or business cool

Air conditioning is the most obvious solution but is not very environmentally friendly or cost effective. If the temperature is rising, set your air conditioning to turn on 20 to 30 minutes before you arrive home or your businesses scheduled opening time, ensuring you will have a relaxing environment. If you don’t want to leave the air conditioning running all the time, you could use a ceiling fan or free-standing fans to circulate the air and bring the mercury level down.

Outdoor window blinds and awnings block the sun’s rays from getting into your home or business and raising the temperature, making it much easier to keep cool and comfortable. Prioritize all west facing windows as the hot afternoon sun can really heat things up. Using blinds or awnings also means that you can let the sunshine in when the weather is cooler, heating your home in an Eco-friendly and cost effective way.

If the temperature drops later in the day, a simple solution is to open the windows when you’re at home. This lets in fresh air and helps to cool the house down naturally. Fly screens can be fitted to keep unwanted guests at bay and enabling you to keep your windows open into the evening.


Outdoor blind on house

Outdoor Blinds and awnings

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